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Unsolved Problems in Ecology

David Tilman (Hrsg.), Andrew Dobson (Hrsg.), Robert D. Holt (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / ÷kologie


Leading ecologists discuss some of the most compelling open questions in the field today
Unsolved Problems in Ecology brings together many of the world's leading ecologists to discuss the most fundamental research questions confronting the field today. This diverse and thought-provoking collection of essays spans virtually all of the key subfields of the discipline, from behavioral and evolutionary ecology to population biology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, disease ecology, and conservation biology. These essays are intended to stoke curiosity, challenge prevailing wisdom, and provoke new ways of thinking about ecology in light of new technologies and unprecedented environmental challenges brought on by climate and land-use change. Authoritative and accessible, Unsolved Problems in Ecology is ideal for graduate students in the early stages of their scientific careers and an essential resource for seasoned ecologists looking for exciting new directions to take their research.

  • Sheds light on modern ecology's most important and compelling open questions
  • Features thought-provoking contributions from more than two dozen world-class ecologists
  • Covers behavior, evolution, communities, ecosystems, resource management, and more
  • Discusses ways to raise the financial and intellectual profile of the discipline
  • An invaluable resource for graduate students as well as seasoned ecologists

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Flora, Ecological niche, Phenotype, Fecundity, Seed dispersal, Mutualism (biology), Niche differentiation, Probability, Cost–benefit analysis, Biodiversity loss, Adaptive immune system, Nitrogen, Ecosystem services, Fungus, Pair bond, Apex predator, Liana, Density dependence, Invasive species, Antigen, Trade-off, Sexual selection, Taxon, Biodiversity, Pathogen, Technology, Invertebrate, Genotype, Random matrix, Nutrient, Soil, Chemotherapy, Drug resistance, Fitness (biology), Plasmodium, Calculation, Biomass (ecology), Competition, Evolution, Genetic diversity, Scientist, Model organism, Tree, Coexistence theory, Microorganism, Growth curve (statistics), Extra-pair copulation, Interspecific competition, Mammal, Ecosystem, Ecosystem engineer, Plant community, Biology, Food web, Petiole (botany), Microbiota, Genetic variation, Conservation biology, Trophic level, Abiotic component, Biological interaction, Shade tolerance, Disease, Vertebrate, Population dynamics, Shrub, Antimicrobial resistance, Environmental issue, Interdependence, Ecosystem ecology, Climate change, Dichotomy, Soil biodiversity, Female, Funding, Territory (animal), Speciation, Mutation, Guppy, Quantity, Superorganism, Biologist, Infection, Monocotyledon, Bacteria, Ecology, Physiology, Herbivore, Food chain, Natural resource, Inference, Rainforest, Population ecology, Complex adaptive system, Power law, Insectivore, Host (biology), Organism, Predation, Population genetics