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Curves for the Mathematically Curious

An Anthology of the Unpredictable, Historical, Beautiful, and Romantic

Julian Havil

ca. 18,99
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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geometrie


Ten amazing curves personally selected by one of today's most important math writers

Curves for the Mathematically Curious is a thoughtfully curated collection of ten mathematical curves, selected by Julian Havil for their significance, mathematical interest, and beauty. Each chapter gives an account of the history and definition of one curve, providing a glimpse into the elegant and often surprising mathematics involved in its creation and evolution. In telling the ten stories, Havil introduces many mathematicians and other innovators, some whose fame has withstood the passing of years and others who have slipped into comparative obscurity. You will meet Pierre Bézier, who is known for his ubiquitous and eponymous curves, and Adolphe Quetelet, who trumpeted the ubiquity of the normal curve but whose name now hides behind the modern body mass index. These and other ingenious thinkers engaged with the challenges, incongruities, and insights to be found in these remarkable curves—and now you can share in this adventure.

Curves for the Mathematically Curious is a rigorous and enriching mathematical experience for anyone interested in curves, and the book is designed so that readers who choose can follow the details with pencil and paper. Every curve has a story worth telling.

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Elliptic curve, Function of a real variable, Mathematics, Diagram (category theory), Estimation, Semicircle, Trigonometric functions, Arc (geometry), Sign (mathematics), Error, Theorem, Conic section, Propagation of uncertainty, Elliptic curve cryptography, Simultaneous equations, Geometric series, Riemann hypothesis, Even and odd functions, Conchoid (mathematics), Catenary, Weierstrass theorem, Exponential function, Gaussian function, Mathematical optimization, Rational number, Squaring the circle, Polynomial, Special case, Mathematician, Line segment, Variable (mathematics), Involute, Addition, Function (mathematics), Geometry, Curve fitting, Numerical integration, Parabola, Arithmetica, Parametric equation, Proportionality (mathematics), Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, Curvature, Summation, Geometric mean, Quadratic equation, Hilbert curve, Computation, Scientific notation, Normal distribution, Spline (mathematics), The Doctrine of Chances, Angle trisection, Quadratrix, Accuracy and precision, Inverse Galois problem, Arithmetic mean, Boolean algebra, Result, Algebraic number, Number theory, Differentiable function, Differential calculus, Equation, Quadratrix of Hippias, Curve, Space-filling curve, Complex number, Hyperbola, Modular arithmetic, Rational point, Reuleaux triangle, Concatenation (mathematics), Probability, Infinitesimal, Logarithm, Barbier's theorem, Parity (mathematics), Arithmetic, Extrapolation, Congruent number, Mathematical analysis, Tunnell's theorem, Calculation, Unit interval, Pure mathematics, Differential equation, Series (mathematics), Hyperbolic function, Method of exhaustion, Measurement, Prime number, Conjecture, Diameter, Fixed point (mathematics), Mathematical structure, Commutative property, Curve of constant width, Geometric progression, Inequality (mathematics)