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Introduction to Modern Arabic

Richard Bayly Winder, Farhat Jacob Ziyadeh

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This book introduces the student to modern literary Arabic, particularly the style used in newspapers, without undue emphasis on the finder points of grammar found in advanced reference works. Various phrases of Middle Eastern life are presented in simple narrative texts which exemplify points analyzed in each chapter. The appendices indclude paradigms, a list of verbs and their prepositions, and vocabularies. Here are all the necessary tools for a well-organized attack on a comparatively difficult language.
Published for the Department of Oriental Languages, Princeton University.

Originally published in 1957.

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Umayyad Mosque, Grammar, Preposition and postposition, Indirect speech, Taoism, Parenthesis (rhetoric), Writing, Stress (linguistics), Arabic diacritics, Accusative case, Declension, Infix, Abbreviation, Verb, Bodleian Library, Waslah, Punctuation, Clause, Suffix, Allusion, Analytical psychology, Infinitive, Interrogative, Copernican Revolution (metaphor), Maktab, Shin (letter), Egyptian Government, Vowel, Juncture, Forehead, Analogy, Indo-European Languages, Modern Standard Arabic, Plural, Glottal stop, Spelling, Occult, Activation, Personal pronoun, Pictogram, Literature, Most common words in English, Imperfect, Etruscan civilization, Pronoun, A Book Of, Oriental studies, Arabic verbs, Terminology, Puer aeternus, IJ (digraph), Automatic writing, Elision, Noun, Nunation, Anthony Storr, Grammatical conjugation, Consonant, Adolescence, Adult, Confucianism, Djed, Nominal sentence, Erudition, Culmination, Nekyia, Participle, Pronunciation, Bible translations into English, Arabic grammar, Linguistic prescription, Epigraphy, Adverb, Odysseus, Herbert Silberer, Complexion, Article (grammar), Book design, Nominative case, Puberty, Ethology, Hebrews, Vocabulary, Adjective, Al-Ahram, Aleph, Anthropomorphism, Waw (letter), Carl Jung, Kurt Goldstein, Parricide, Arabist, Sentence (linguistics), Hebraist, Lingam, Philosophy of religion, Subjunctive mood, Islam, Arabic