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Felids and Hyenas of the World

Wildcats, Panthers, Lynx, Pumas, Ocelots, Caracals, and Relatives

José R. Castelló

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The most comprehensive and user-friendly photographic field guide to the world’s wildcats and hyenas

From the Leopard Cat of Asia, the Black-footed Cat of Africa, and the Amur Tiger of Siberia to South America’s Ocelots and North America’s Bobcats, the wildcats known as felids are among the most fascinating and spectacular of all animals. This stunningly illustrated book is the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the world’s felids and their often misunderstood relative, the hyenas. Covering and illustrating every species and subspecies, the guide features more than 150 superb full-color plates that incorporate more than 600 photographs and show species in similar poses for quick and easy comparison. Drawing on the latest taxonomy and research, the facing-page species accounts provide distribution maps, common and scientific names, and detailed information on key identification features, distribution, behavior, reproduction, similar species, habitat, conservation status, and where to observe each species. An ideal field companion for use anywhere in the world, the book will appeal to both casual nature enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

  • Covers 41 felids and 4 hyenas—every species and subspecies in the world
  • Features more than 150 color plates incorporating more than 600 photos
  • Depicts species in similar poses for quick and easy comparisons
  • Provides key identification information in detailed, facing-page species accounts
  • Uses the latest taxonomy
  • Includes easy-to-read distribution maps and tips on where to observe each species

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José R. Castelló
José R. Castelló



Wildlife, Borneo, Gestation, Botswana, Thicket, Steppe, Shrubland, Zimbabwe, Grassland, Tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests, Fishing cat, Tropical rainforest, Feral cat, Taxon, African golden cat, Social behavior, Jungle cat, Big cat, Leopard, Felidae, Poaching, Mountain ecosystems, Pika, Vegetation, Arid, Evergreen forest, Bhutan, Albinism, Sumatran tiger, Urine, North America, Roe deer, Bay cat, Ungulate, Mating, Shrub, Endangered species, Sunda clouded leopard, Wild goat, African wild dog, Black-footed cat, African wildcat, Southern Africa, Central African Republic, Caracal, Temperate forest, Tanzania, Jaguarundi, Conservation status, Mammal, Home range, Duiker, Curator, Algeria, Sand cat, Pallas's cat, Swaziland, Invertebrate, Rodent, Sexual dimorphism, Chinese mountain cat, Eurasian lynx, Asiatic lion, Leopard cat, Indochinese leopard, Aardwolf, Habitat destruction, Cheetah, Carnivora, Critically endangered, Cambodia, South America, Clouded leopard, Amphibian, Cat, Savanna, Felis, Hyena, Rainforest, Wild boar, Lion, Melanism, Cougar, Insect, Jaguar, Striped hyena, Breeding season, Marbled cat, Thailand, Central Asia, Malaysia, Predation, Weaning, Female, Uzbekistan, Spotted hyena, Lagomorpha, Carnivore, Purr, Iberian lynx