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Elasticity and Fluid Dynamics

Volume 3 of Modern Classical Physics

Kip S. Thorne, Roger D. Blandford

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Physik, Astronomie


A groundbreaking textbook on twenty-first-century fluids and elastic solids and their applications

Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford’s monumental Modern Classical Physics is now available in five stand-alone volumes that make ideal textbooks for individual graduate or advanced undergraduate courses on statistical physics; optics; elasticity and fluid dynamics; plasma physics; and relativity and cosmology. Each volume teaches the fundamental concepts, emphasizes modern, real-world applications, and gives students a physical and intuitive understanding of the subject.

Elasticity and Fluid Dynamics provides an essential introduction to these subjects. Fluids and elastic solids are everywhere—from Earth’s crust and skyscrapers to ocean currents and airplanes. They are central to modern physics, astrophysics, the Earth sciences, biophysics, medicine, chemistry, engineering, and technology, and this centrality has intensified in recent years—so much so that a basic understanding of the behavior of elastic solids and fluids should be part of the repertoire of every physicist and engineer and almost every other natural scientist. While both elasticity and fluid dynamics involve continuum physics and use similar mathematical tools and modes of reasoning, each subject can be readily understood without the other, and the book allows them to be taught independently, with the first two chapters introducing and covering elasticity and the last six doing the same for fluid dynamics. The book also can serve as supplementary reading for many other courses, including in astrophysics, geophysics, and aerodynamics.

  • Includes many exercise problems
  • Features color figures, suggestions for further reading, extensive cross-references, and a detailed index
  • Optional “Track 2” sections make this an ideal book for a one-quarter or one-semester course in elasticity, fluid dynamics, or continuum physics
  • An online illustration package is available to professors

The five volumes, which are available individually as paperbacks and ebooks, are Statistical Physics; Optics; Elasticity and Fluid Dynamics; Plasma Physics; and Relativity and Cosmology.

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Instability, Gravitational wave, Dispersion relation, Amplitude, Dynamical system, Temperature, Euler equations (fluid dynamics), Degrees of freedom (mechanics), Convection, Elastic modulus, Gravitational constant, Hooke's law, Gravitational acceleration, Surface gravity, Vorticity, Navier–Stokes equations, Stall (fluid mechanics), Lorentz force, Equation of state, Energy cascade, Viscous stress tensor, Deformation (mechanics), Laws of thermodynamics, Differential equation, Force density, Shock wave, Gauge theory, Stress–energy tensor, Metric tensor, Elastic energy, Helmholtz equation, Phase velocity, Langevin equation, Momentum, Elasticity (physics), Vortex sheet, Shear waves, Classical physics, Shear modulus, Diffusion equation, Wave vector, Quantum mechanics, Thermal conductivity, Thermal expansion, Interaction energy, Bulk modulus, Conservation law, Surface tension, Thermal conduction, Lorentz transformation, Newtonian fluid, Quantity, Linear elasticity, Velocity gradient, Sine-Gordon equation, Classical electromagnetism, Reynolds number, Riemann invariant, Cauchy stress tensor, Characteristic velocity, Kinetic theory of gases, Compressible flow, Gravity wave, Displacement (vector), Continuity equation, Soliton, Energy–momentum relation, Characteristic energy, Equations of motion, Pressure gradient, Boundary layer, Plasma (physics), Poisson's equation, Buckling, Acceleration, Gravity, Buoyancy, Maxwell stress tensor, Yield (engineering), Hamiltonian mechanics, Continuum mechanics, Angular velocity, Divergence theorem, Fluid dynamics, Multipole expansion, Gravitational potential, Eddy (fluid dynamics), Vibration, Wavenumber, Relativistic dynamics, Shear force, Bifurcation theory, Energy density, Superstring theory, Cartesian coordinate system, Electrostatics, Shear stress, Thermodynamic equilibrium, Angular momentum operator, Viscosity