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Designing Social Inquiry

Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research, New Edition

Gary King, Robert O. Keohane, Sidney Verba, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Methoden der empirischen und qualitativen Sozialforschung


The classic work on qualitative methods in political science

Designing Social Inquiry presents a unified approach to qualitative and quantitative research in political science, showing how the same logic of inference underlies both. This stimulating book discusses issues related to framing research questions, measuring the accuracy of data and the uncertainty of empirical inferences, discovering causal effects, and getting the most out of qualitative research. It addresses topics such as interpretation and inference, comparative case studies, constructing causal theories, dependent and explanatory variables, the limits of random selection, selection bias, and errors in measurement. The book only uses mathematical notation to clarify concepts, and assumes no prior knowledge of mathematics or statistics.

Featuring a new preface by Robert O. Keohane and Gary King, this edition makes an influential work available to new generations of qualitative researchers in the social sciences.

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Addition, Theory, Linear regression, Principle, Causality, Case study, Social science, Reproducibility, Process tracing, Accuracy and precision, Regression analysis, Multicollinearity, Estimation, Sampling (statistics), Seminar, Income, Statistician, Philosophy of social science, Level of analysis, Voter turnout, Control variable, Quantity, Causal inference, Decision-making, Graduate school, Observation, Comparative politics, Regime, Selection bias, General knowledge, Quantitative analyst, Special case, Alternative hypothesis, Sidney Verba, Opinion poll, Statistic, Certainty, Random variable, Reason, Randomness, Science, Result, Philosophy of science, Instance (computer science), Data set, Small number, Likelihood function, Parameter, Research program, Suggestion, Conditional independence, Scientific theory, Analogy, Voting, Inefficiency, Variance, Prior probability, Error, Falsifiability, Ceteris paribus, Incumbent, Explanation, Phenomenon, Voting behavior, Prediction, Qualitative research, Ideology, Inquiry, Calculation, Psychology, Anecdote, Politics, Requirement, Institution, Methodology, Uncertainty, Elaboration, Trade-off, Inference, Of Education, Variable (mathematics), Probability, Bias of an estimator, Political science, Observational error, Expected value, Empirical research, Measurement, Participant observation, International relations, Categorization, Statistics, Endogeneity (econometrics), Logic, Uniqueness, Hypothesis, Criticism, Estimator, Harvard University, Scientific method