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Turtles of the World

A Guide to Every Family

Jeffrey E. Lovich, Whit Gibbons

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Ratgeber / Natur


A lavishly illustrated guide to the world's turtles that covers every family and genus

Turtles of the World reveals the extraordinary diversity of these amazing reptiles. Characterized by the bony shell that acts as a shield to protect the softer body within, turtles are survivors from the time of the dinosaurs and are even more ancient in evolutionary terms than snakes and crocodilians. Of more than 350 species known today, some are highly endangered. In this beautiful guide, turtle families, subfamilies, and genera are illustrated with hundreds of color photographs. Each genus profile includes a population distribution map, a table of information, and commentary that includes notable characteristics and discussion of related species.

  • More than 250 beautiful color photos
  • Each profile features a distribution map, table of information, and commentary
  • Broad coverage includes every family and genus



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