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The T.A.T.T.O.O.O.

Daniel P. Rutland

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Belletristik / Fantasy


One spectacular day is all that was needed... On December 21, 2012, something extraordinary happened. A thing that general society did not believe in or see coming. There are the chosen ones with the special blood of the "Old Ones," then there is the rest of the population with little faith that thinks those chosen Ones are crazy and discredit them. But little does Society know, the infinite possibilities of truth beyond their wildest imagination was about to take place right before them, then it unfolds... One Eerie event sets the stage in this sci-fi, fantasy, love triangle, drama.

The planets of our Solar System aligns which brings many realms together, awakening and calling forth a new wave of super heroes and super villains. This rare alignment causes the TATTOOO realm to come closest to our realm, bringing the secrets of the TATTOOO to surface that have been hidden and locked away for millennia, reigning down on a select few giving them TATTOOO powers. 

Our hero of the story is a man named Keen, he is a good looking twenty-four years old white male with blue eyes that lives a pretty basic life. Keen thinks that he is a "normal" man in society with no real talent except Martial Arts. He works a nine to five job at a meat factory, has a pretty basic studio apartment, and lives the life of a bachelor. 

Then we have our seemingly antagonist of the story, his name is Darius but the streets know him as D-Smash, and that is what he prefers to be called. He is a twenty-four years old good looking African American male that shares many characteristics of Keen. But D-Smash runs a shady business tied with a Italian Mob family known as the Tambino family. Through his ties with this family, D-Smash manages to become rich and obtain three businesses of his own. D-Smash opens up a A TATTOOO shop well known as Da TATTOOO Shrine, a restaurant, and buys out a boxing gym that his favorite boxer used to box in,  the man that was born in Brooklyn, and became the best and most famous boxer in the world. Because of these two men sharing characteristics, both having birth TATTOOOs, and both being rejected by society, destiny brings these two unique men together after the planets align. One fateful day deep in the the dangerous streets of New York City, Keen being late on his way to work minding his own business, hears a woman screams from a nearby alley. He does the one thing anyone with a hero minded complex would do, and goes over to see if he can help. Sure enough, Keen sees a gunner guy threatening a woman's life by holding a gun up to her head. So Keen takes care of business, he beats up the gunner guy through sheer luck by waking up his TATTOOO powers, using them for the first time. Keen TATTOOO powers awakens because of the gunner guy putting him in a near death situation. After this amazing and fortunate event, Keen finds himself falling for the woman he saves, not knowing that D-Smash too was in love with her, caught in a love triangle. To make matters worse, Keen also finds out that the gunner guy he beats up was one of D-Smash's henchmen. Now that the paths of these two men's destines are formed and intertwined, they soon realize that they both received the same powers and share the same secret. After finding out knowledge about each other, Keen and D-Smash duke it out throughout the city of New York on multiple occasions, three times to be exact. But each time they fight, they discover more about themselves and their TATTOOO powers.