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Deadly Sai

J & L Brown

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Born the only child to a Black military father and Japanese mother, Kamari finds herself alone after losing them in a mudslide caused by a typhoon in Takayama, Japan.  Refusing to live in a home for teenage orphans, she ends up on the street, hanging with the wrong crowd, stealing, getting into fights but she soon learns what her father taught her is not enough.  She is mentored by a local Dojo owner who recently lost his daughter to illness, teaching her several types of martial arts and weaponry, with the sai being her favorite.  She relocates to the States where she becomes a killer for hire.  She kills without leaving any trace of her misdeeds but soon gains the interest of a cop who specializes in weird deaths.  She is always three steps ahead, but when they cross paths, will he do his job?

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Female assassin, killer for hire