Missing Links

Practical and Suprisingly Effective Tools for Self-Transformation ... and Behavior Modification

Daniel Petra

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****MISSING LINKS**** Discover why we are in trouble if any are missing! Discover the Essential Links that we need in order to be truly authentic, happy, creative and whole human beings. Missing Links provides us with practical and surprisingly effective tools for self-transformation and behavior modification... ... and it does so for all aspects of our lives. Would you like to overcome any bad habits . . . with surprisingly little effort? Do you know anyone who needs to overcome a self-defeating behavior? Are your relationships: Energy Boosters or Energy Suckers?! Have you ever suffered from post-bad-relationship syndrome? Do you know what you really . . . (really!) want to do with the rest of your life? Would you like to have all the Energy and the Motivation to accomplish what you need to accomplish? . . . and to become truly happy, healthy and creative? Missing Links shows how to Incorporate the Tools and the processes for self-transformation into our very busy daily life, by painless Baby Steps and in thin Salami Slices of time. These processes are natural, organic, synergistic and ... surprisingly effective!

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