Tableau Training Manual 9.0 Basic Version

This Via Tableau Training Manual Was Created for Both New and Intermediate

Larry Keller

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Now in its 6th edition with version 9.0, my goals remain the same – to write this document through the eyes of the average user. Early on the average Tableau user can be overwhelmed by the array of features and functions that repeatedly use menus or right-click options to yet another set of choices. This manual is intended for new users who range from days to a few months. It was not written for those who seek Tableau Certification(s) or highly advanced users. It does contain some lessons that introduce advanced material to enable the user to "see" what the future can be with Tableau. The manual begins at a level geared to the average user and is written in simple language unaffected by a need to promote extraneous features.

I believe (and our customers tell me) that this manual provides the best examples and descriptions in a step-by-step process that is the most efficient way to learn about Tableau. An array of Tableau Packaged Workbooks (software examples) complements the written word in the manual. These Workbooks present the end result of following the lessons step by step.

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