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Stern's Guide to European Riverboats and Hotel Barges

Steven B Stern

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Reise / Europa


This comprehensive guide lists descriptive information for every European riverboat and hoteil barge, including vital statistics, stateroom size, desrcriptions of public areas, dining , shipboard facilities, and itineraries. Each vessel is evaluated as to comfort and luxury. Hudndreds of photos of the vessels' exteriors and interiors are included, as well as sample menus and daily programs.

Several chapters are devoted to descriptions of the cities and villages visited by riverboats, and the regions and villages visited by hotel barges, along with descriptive photographs of each.

This is the first and most complete guide to river and barge cruising in existence. Updated annually by Steven B. Stern who is the ultimate authoriy on all forms of cruising having written over 50 travel guides and cruised on every  major ocean cruise line and riverboat line. 



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