Iconic Tarot Decks

The History, Symbolism and Design of over 50 Decks

Sarah Bartlett

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Discover the secrets of the most iconic, mysterious and beautiful tarot decks ever created. 

In Iconic Tarot Decks, Sarah Bartlett (international bestselling author) presents 50 of the most iconic tarot decks – telling the powerful stories of how each was devised and designed, and showcasing their most exemplary cards.

The tarot is a treasury of divination, symbolism and self-knowledge. But who created its mysterious art and meaning, and why? Does it originate in ancient esoteric wisdom or is this a vain fancy of the occultists? How has the interpretation and meaning of the cards evolved, and from who, or where?

This book will reveal the hidden truths of the mystics and artists who have shaped the symbolic art of tarot. Each of the carefully selected decks holds its own unique symbolism and mystical beginnings: from Visconti-Sforza, the fifteenth-century deck that reveals the fates of two Italian dynasties, to Sola Busca, which hides a secret alchemical codex; from the pioneering and archetypal Rider-Waite to the ancient runes of English Magic Tarot. Explore the secrets within each deck, and discover the hidden symbols to guide your own interpretation.

The decks featured are shrouded in mystery, with unique tales and stunning artwork that will fascinate beginners and experts alike. This is the perfect book for collectors, cartomancers, designers, tattoo artists and anyone interested in the art and mystery of tarot.



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