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Atlas of Ocean Adventures

A Collection of Natural Wonders, Marine Marvels and Undersea Antics from Across the Globe

Emily Hawkins

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Set your spirit of adventure free with this journey to the world’s great oceans, discovering the diversity of life that exists in the deep blue sea.

Whether you’re traveling long haul with leatherback turtles across the Pacific, snoozing with sea otters or ice bathing with a walrus, this book celebrates the very prescient topic of the world’s oceans with Lucy Letherland’s animal characters.

Each section begins with an infographic map of the ocean it explores—Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic—followed by richly detailed two-page spreads exploring its depths and the denizens within, as well as seabirds, coral reefs and  shoreline critters. Discover saltwater crocodiles lurking in the Andaman Islands, hammerheads gathering in the Atlantic, and the awe-inspiring colossal squid that calls the Ross Sea home.

Lucy Letherland’s illuminating artwork shows how these oceans teem with life, forming part of complex and fascinating ecosystems, all in a quirky, characterful style.

Interesting facts and figures pepper the scenes. Did you know that spinner dolphins can swim up to 400 kilometers a day? Or that some sea snails can grow up to half a meter long? Or that in the deepest depths, fish can glow in the dark? A natural history lesson in an adventure book, each spread features 10 captions and and facts about every destination. The 5th title in the best-selling Atlas of Adventures series that has now been translated into 31 languages. A ' Can you find?' page at the back challenges you to explore the pages even deeper by locating the pictured scenes and scene-stealers.

Children and adults alike will be amazed by the incredible creatures that await in the world's oceans.



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