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Awakening Minds

10 life lessons for a conscious culture

David J. Wallace

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Challenge yourself to become a happier person and create a better world in this uplifting and spiritually nourishing workbook.
With a focus on social justice and structured around ten empowering life lessons, educator Dr David J. Wallace shows us how we can reflect on ourselves and draw from within to become the happiest, most socially conscious and fulfilled versions of ourselves.
Taking one lesson at a time, this interactive book helps us recognise our own flaws and traumas so that we can move beyond these, harnessing the power within us to create conscious change.
This book encourages us to join in with the mindful prompts and meditative practices and to ask themselves reflective questions which help us to understand ourselves, who we are and who we want to be.

Dr Wallace, an educator whose work helps organizations transform for the better through challenging prejudices and incorporating anti-racist principles, draws on his own experiences and life lessons learned to help shine light on human nature, conscious connections, and our mindful relationship to the world around us.

Engage, question and relearn your beliefs with life lessons on:
2. Intellectual exile
3. Introspection
4. Purpose
5. Self-respect
6. Forgiveness
7. Soul-care
8. Integrity
9. Power
10. Peace, love, and liberation

Beautifully illustrated by Gabrielle Mabazza, this is an essential self-help guide for creating a positive, fair and compassionate society which leads from the heart… Are you ready?



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