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Women Photograph: What We See

Women and nonbinary perspectives through the lens

Daniella Zalcman (Hrsg.), Sara Ickow (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Fotografie, Film, Video, TV


Open your eyes to a new world view with 100 women and nonbinary photojournalists’ stories from behind the lens.

85% of photojournalists are men. That means almost  everything that is reported in the world is seen through men’s eyes. Similarly, spaces and communities men don’t have access to are left  undocumented and  forgotten. With the camera limited to the hands of one gender, photographic ‘truth’ is more subjective than it seems. To answer this serious ethical problem, Women Photograph flips that bias on its head to  show what and how women and nonbinary photojournalists see.

From  documenting  major events such as 9/11 to capturing  unseen and misrepresented communities, this book presents a  revisionist contemporary history: pore over 50 years of women’s dispatches in  100 photographs. Each image is accompanied by 200 words from the photographer about the experience and the subject, offering fresh insights and a  much-needed perspective.

Until we have  balanced,  representative reporting, the camera cannot offer a mirror to our global society. To get the full picture,  we need a diverse range of people behind the lens. This book offers a first step.

Relearn how to see with this evergreen catalogue that elevates the voices of women and nonbinary visual storytellers.

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