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The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year

Sue Townsend

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'Hilarious and totally Townsend. There were parts where I laughed until I cried' Daily Mail

What happens when a duvet day turns into a duvet year?

Sue Townsend, the bestselling author of the Adrian Mole series, returns with a funny and touching novel about what happens when someone stops being the person everyone wants them to be.

The day her twins leave home, Eva climbs into bed and stays there. For seventeen years she's wanted to yell at the world, 'Stop! I want to get off'. Finally, this is her chance.

Brian, her unfaithful husband, is upset. Who will cook his dinner? He says she is attention seeking, but word of Eva's defiance spreads.

Legions of fans, believing she is protesting, gather in the street. While Alexander the white van man brings tea, toast and sympathy. And from this odd but comforting place Eva begins to see both herself and the world very, very differently. . .

Bestselling author Sue Townsend has been Britain's favourite comic writer for over three decades.

'Laugh-out-loud . . . a teeming world of characters whose foibles and misunderstandings provide glorious amusement. Something deeper and darker than comedy' Sunday Times

'She fills the pages with turmoil, anger, passion, love and big helpings of wit. It's full of colour and glows with life' Independent

'Touching and hilarious. Bursting with witty social commentary as well as humour' Women's Weekly

'A funny, poignant look at modern family life' Daily Express

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