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Gunfight at Copper Creek

Robert McNeill

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Texas, 1874: when ex-cavalrymen Ben Turner and Wes Noble arrive in Copper Creek, they discover the town is being held to ransom by a gang of gunslingers led by ruthless local rancher Ed Holden. On their first day in town, Turner and Noble face two of Holden's cohorts. The men are threatening Eliza Grace, daughter of the owner of the town's general store. Turner and Noble come to her aid, and discover the law in Copper Creek is nonexistent: its most recent marshal left town rather than face Holden's men. The tension is heightened when Eliza's father retires and the ex-cavalrymen buy his store, then refuse to pay the 'protection' Holden demands from Copper Creek's merchants. The proceedings are ramped up a notch when four killers arrive in town to help Holden with his extortion racket. Turner and Noble know they are guilty of murdering innocents ... and are determined to see them pay for their crimes.

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