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Brody's Pledge

Alvin Ford

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Brody comes to Brentwood Falls in Arizona Territory to keep a pledge made at his mother’s deathbed, to avenge the wrong done to her years earlier. Befriending town sheriff Will Tasker, and catching the eye of beautiful singer Louise Delaware, Brody is a man of wealth, yet prefers a life of manual labour, and accepts employment shoeing horses in the town smithy. Before long, Brody has made enemies of his mother’s nemesis, rancher Dan Slaydon, and his wastrel son. He also faces the enigmatic outlaw known only as Ishmael, whose motives are as mysterious as his real identity. Brody and Tasker will find their courage stretched to the limits before Brody’s pledge can be fulfilled.

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