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Everyday Modifications For Your Morris Minor

Matt Tomkins

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Morris Minor expert Matt Tomkins provides practical advice on maintaining and modifying your Morris Minor. With safety information throughout, this book provides a number of step-by-step guides on how to fit a wide range of simple and more sophisticated upgrades to bring your Morris Minor into the 21st century. Includes sections on Routine servicing of the engine, gearbox, clutch, differential, brakes, suspension, electrics and structure. Modifications and upgrades to the engine, gearbox, wheels and tyres, brakes, suspension, electrics and seats. Modifying the body including GRP panels, weather strips and identifying chop top convertibles. Fitting mod cons such as gauges, heaters, radio/ICE, 12 volt accessory sockets, sound deadening, heated screens, wiper upgrades. With six case studies to show what other owners have achieved

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