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The Barefoot Investor, Classic Edition

Scott Pape

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**This Classic Edition has been updated for 2022 and beyond** THE ALL-TIME #1 AUSTRALIAN BESTSELLER This is the only money guide you'll ever need. That's a bold claim, given there are thousands of finance books on the shelves. Yet there's a reason this book is in one in every 20 Australian homes. You'll find out how to create an entire financial plan that is so simple you can sketch it on the back of a serviette ... and you'll be able to manage your money in 10 minutes a week. The Barefoot Steps stand the test of time. In this classic edition, you'll get the skinny on: * Saving up a six-figure house deposit in 20 months * Doubling your income using the 'Trapeze Strategy' * Saving $77641 on your mortgage and wiping out almost 7 years of payments * Handing your kids (or grandkids) a $140000 cheque on their 21st birthday * Why you don't need $1 million to retire ...with the 'Donald Bradman Retirement Strategy' Sound too good to be true? It's not. This book is full of stories from everyday Aussies--single people, young families, empty nesters, retirees--who have applied the Barefoot Steps, freed themselves from crippling debt and achieved amazing, life-changing results. And you're next.

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