Simulating Large-Scale Structure for Models of Cosmic Acceleration

Baojiu Li

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Simulating Large-Scale Structure for Models of Cosmic Acceleration explores alternative cosmological models and how we can learn from these as well as differentiate them from the standard cosmic model. It also looks at the ways in which techniques can be used to accurately develop and test the model to produce new observations. This self-contained book provides a fundamental guide to researchers looking to enter the field of cosmological simulations. Postgraduate students will also find it of use as the need for numerical simulations and astronomical surveys increases. The book contains a significant amount of Baojiu Li’s own research, as well as assistance from other experts and collaborators in the field, and it will certainly encourage others to explore the ever-expanding world of cosmic acceleration.  

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standard gravity model, cosmology, cosmological models, nonlinear differential equations, PDE, gravitation