Silicene-Based Layered Materials

Essential properties

Ming-Fa Lin, Shih-Yang Lin, Ngoc Thnah Thuy Tran, et al.

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This book examines in detail the application and theory of slicene-based layered materials, offering a new perspective on up-to-date mainstream theoretical and experimental research. It includes a wide range of layered systems, and takes into account the critical factors involved, such as the group-IV monoelements, stacking configurations, layer numbers, Moire superlattices. multiorbital chemical bondings and spin-orbit coupling are discussed in detail, and the theoretical framework with first-principles calculations are developed to thoroughly describe the physical, chemical, and material phenomena and concise images explain the fundamental properties. The book is an invaluable guide for researchers studying silicene-based materials.

Key Features
  • Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive discussion of the physical properties of silicene and its bilayers
  • Covers the basic theory, experimental methods and results of research conducted on silicene
  • Includes comparisons with other 2D materials that are missing from existing books
  • Includes detailed comparisons between numerical simulations and experimental models/results, and the conclusions that can be drawn from these
  • Includes practice problems and a concluding chapter covering methods that readers can use to develop theoretical frameworks

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bilayers, tight-binding models, 2D materials, layered materials, first-principles method, graphene, nanomaterials, Silicene, low-dimensional systems