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Back To Basics

Patricia Anne Phillips

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Truth She's Always Hidden.  .  .   

Autumn Evans has a career she loves, a wedding to plan, and a secret that could destroy both. Even though her job--working with underprivileged kids at a Compton school--is deeply fulfilling, Autumn feels something is missing from her life. Her fiancé Matthew, a successful and ambitious surgeon, expects Autumn to assume the role of perfect partner, but lately she feels her sense of control slipping away... 

May Be The Only Thing To Set Her Free.  .  .

When a crisis hits and Autumn is physically injured, she returns to her childhood home to heal. There, she slowly begins to question everything she's come to accept about herself, her family, and her man, especially as she watches her mother and sister deal with their own relationship dilemmas. But soon Autumn realizes that she needs to make a choice, between fighting for what she once wanted, or claiming a life that's new and untested... 

"Phillips's books have the gift of reminding readers what is important in a family and in life."  --Lauretta B. Pierce, The Literary World

"A tale of shame, degradation and, finally redemption, Back to Basics, shows that with love, there is always hope." --Dr. Maxine Thompson, author of Heal Thy Soul, 365 Days of Healing for Women of Color

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Patricia Anne Phillips
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