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Ties That Bind

Marie Bostwick

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“A truly wonderful tale of spirit, faith and true friendship” in the quilting series from the New York Times bestselling author of Threading the Needle (Fresh Fiction).
Christmas is fast approaching, and New Bern, Connecticut, is about to receive the gift of a new pastor, hired sight unseen to fill in while Reverend Tucker is on sabbatical. Meanwhile, Margot Matthews’ friend, Abigail, is trying to match-make even though Margot has all but given up on romance. She loves her job at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and the life and friendships she’s made in New Bern; she just never thought she’d still be single on her fortieth birthday.
It’s a shock to the entire town when Phillip A. Clarkson turns out to be Philippa. Truth be told, not everyone is happy about having a female pastor. Yet despite a rocky start, Philippa begins to settle in—finding ways to ease the townspeople’s burdens, joining the quilting circle, and forging a fast friendship with Margot. When tragedy threatens to tear Margot’s family apart, that bond—and the help of her quilting sisterhood—will prove a saving grace. And as she untangles her feelings for another new arrival in town, Margot begins to realize that it is the surprising detours woven into life’s fabric that provide its richest hues and deepest meaning . . .
Praise for the Cobbled Court Quilts series
“A big-hearted novel filled with wit and wisdom.” —Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author
“Bostwick’s warmly nourishing, emotionally compelling novel is quiet yet powerful.” — Chicago Tribune
“Heartwarming . . . an unbreakable thread of friendship and faith.” — Publishers Weekly



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