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The Pleasure Palace

Evangeline Anderson

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


In The Future, Pleasure Has No Limits. . .

Peace Control Officer Shaina takes on a dangerous off-planet mission: to infiltrate the infamous Pleasure Palace on Syrus Six. Ready when you are. Tyson, her commanding officer, just so happens to be the sexiest guy in the galaxy.

Now they'll have to pose as a wealthy mistress and her obedient slave. And Shaina wants nothing more than Tyson's hot, sculpted body against hers, his hands on her skin, his touch branding her. Controlling her desires will be impossible. But she has to surrender to the intense pleasure only he can bring her. Tyson's sensual skills are out-of-this-world. . .

"Kept me up all night. . .sexy and funny!" --MaryJanice Davidson on Take Two

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