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All Fudged Up

Nancy Coco

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“A fun book with a lively plot, and it’s set in one of America’s most interesting resorts. All this plus fudge!”—JoAnna Carl, author of the Chocoholic Mysteries
Welcome to Mackinac Island’s historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop—where life is sweet, revenge is sweeter, and murder is here to stay…

You Can't Fudge An Alibi

Allie McMurphy is up to her neck in renovations at the grand old hotel that's been in her family for generations. With its quaint Victorian charm—and world-famous fudge shop—the place is one of Mackinac Island’s most beloved landmarks.

Sure, every family has a skeleton or two in the closet. But Allie didn't expect to find an actual corpse inside hers, especially one Joe Jessup, who had a long-running feud with her dear departed grandfather. Which makes Allie the number-one suspect.

Can she sniff out the culprit before another victim checks in?
“A wry narrative voice that never falters…mouth-watering fudge recipes are included.”—Carole Bugge, author of the Claire Rawlings Mysteries

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