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The Twelve Kingdoms: The Mark of the Tala

Jeffe Kennedy

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


An often-ignored middle sister gets attention from a dark stranger in this fantasy romance trilogy opener by the author of the Forgotten Empires series.

The tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. The eldest, a valiant warrior-woman, heir to the kingdom. The youngest, the sweet beauty with her Prince Charming. No one says much about the middle princess, Andromeda. Andi, the other one.

Andi doesn’t mind being invisible. She enjoys the company of her horse more than court, and she has a way of blending into the shadows. Until the day she meets a strange man riding, who keeps company with wolves and ravens, who rules a land of shapeshifters and demons. A country she’d thought was no more than legend—until he claims her as its queen.

In a moment everything changes: Her father, the wise king, becomes a warlord, suspicious and strategic. Whispers call her dead mother a traitor and a witch. Andi doesn’t know if her own instincts can be trusted, as visions appear to her and her body begins to rebel.

For Andi, the time to learn her true nature has come . . .

Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones looking for more romance.

Praise for The Mark of Tala

“This magnificent fairy tale will captivate you from the beginning to end with a richly detailed fantasy world full of shapeshifters, magic and an exciting romance!” —RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars

“This promises to be a trilogy that will leave readers enthralled.” —Heroes & Heartbreakers



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