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The Ocean's Mightiest Predator

Jenni Zellner

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Plunge into the breath-taking world of sharks with this beautiful photographic pictorial.  Sharks  documents different types of sharks, their life cycle, biology, social habits, conservation, and fun facts about these powerful fish.

Our seas and oceans are home to one of the fiercest hunters of the water. With over 400 species of sharks, from stingrays to the great white to the tiger shark to the dwarf lantern, it is no wonder that these ferocious creatures have captured our imaginations. Predators of the deep, their ancient biology have kept them at the top of the oceanic food chain.
  • Did you know that sharks like having their noses pet? Despite the mouthful of teeth, they are precious and adorable water puppies.
  • They are ancient water dinosaurs who have been around for millions of years.
  • They don't have bones!
Learn more  fun biological points about sharks and interesting facts about their environment with Sharks—the ideal gift for anyone who loves these fascinating animals and wants to be engulfed inside their world.

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