Grow Bag Gardening

The revolutionary way to grow bountiful vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers in lightweight, eco-friendly fabric pots.

Kevin Espiritu

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Grow oodles of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers with no heavy lifting or digging required! Grow bag gardening utilizes lightweight, eco-friendly, fabric planter bags to grow great plants with minimal space and care. Get all the know-how you need to successfully grow a hearty homegrown harvest in Grow Bag Gardening.

Grow bags are perfect for urban, container, rooftop, balcony, and patio gardeners—but those with lots of property will find them useful, too. Grow bags fold flat for easy storage and are 100% frost-proof, so there’s no lugging heavy pots indoors for the winter. They can be used for many seasons and their mobility means you can easily move these pots around to maximize sunlight. Fabric grow bags offer gardeners a great way to grow that's cost effective, simple, and beneficial to plants.
In the pages of Grow Bag Gardening you’ll learn:
  • Why gardening in these special fabric planter bags results in big yields 
  • How this no-weed, no-mess method of gardening is a real game changer 
  • What makes this method so good for your plants (hint: no root circling!) 
  • Where and how to set up your grow bag garden to reap the biggest rewards 
  • Step-by-step instructions for continual harvests, sewing your own grow bags, building a specialized trellising system, caring for your grow bag garden, and more.
Who can use grow bag gardening? Everyone! From school gardens to urban homesteads, everyone has room to grow their own veggies in a grow bag garden

Kevin Espiritu, author of Field Guide to Urban Gardening and the mastermind behind the popular website, offers an in-depth look at this revolutionary gardening method and how it can help feed the world, one grow bag at a time.

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