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Tropical Plants and How to Love Them

Building a Relationship with Heat-Loving Plants When You Don't Live In The Tropics - Angel's Trumpets – Lemongrass – Elephant Ears – Red Bananas – Fiddle Leaf Figs – Gingers – Hibiscus – Canna Lilies and More!

Marianne Willburn

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Adventurous Gardener seeks relationship with Tropical Plant…

Tropical plants are energizing. They awaken a tired summer garden with lush, sensuous foliage and fascinating flowers and turn a suburban patio into a sophisticated, late-night paradise. But if you garden in a temperate climate and have been reluctant to commit to what you’re sure will be too much work, it’s time to let Tropical Plants and How to Love Them author Marianne Willburn act as your tropical matchmaker.

Using five relationship types to help you understand the different levels of care required for many common (and uncommon!) tropicals, Marianne introduces you to an impressive array of outstanding tropical plants by providing care instructions, easy tips for seeing these tropical beauties safely through the winter, and advice for designing a tropical paradise of your own.

Tropical Plants and How to Love Them gives you permission to jump headfirst into:

  • A summer romance that ends with the first frost.
  • A long-term commitment to beautify indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A friends-with-benefits relationship that yields exotic flavors and fragrances.
  • A breakup with that high-maintenance beauty.
  • A best friend relationship that lasts a lifetime.

From the striking red leaves of the Abyssinian banana to the unusual flowers and healing powers of turmeric, there are hundreds of tropical plants worth loving. Find your new sweetheart in the pages of Tropical Plants and How to Love Them.

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