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Buttercream Botanicals for Beginners

Simple Techniques for Creating Stunning Flowers, Foliage, and More

Leslie Vigil

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Discover how to turn any cake or cupcake into a showstopping work of art with realistic, modern flowers and plants made from a rainbow of colors of buttercream frosting.

Flowers are the most popular cake embellishments, but making them look natural and professional can be tricky. Professional cake artist Leslie Vigil has been teaching beginning bakers and decorators for years how to create authentic roses, daisies, peonies, dahlias, chrysanthemums, marigolds, tulips, ranunculus, plus succulents, cactus, and greenery out of buttercream, giving them the skills and confidence to embellish cakes and cupcakes like a pro.

In Buttercream Botanicals, she’ll do the same for you, starting with her tried-and-true signature cake and buttercream recipes and demonstrating expert methods for adding color, blending shades, and working with the most effective tools. Leslie will also show how four core piping techniques form the base for creating a huge variety of botanicals. Decorated cakes and cupcakes are the perfect centerpiece for any seasonal holiday or celebration, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showers, and graduations.

Working with buttercream is easy and accessible. Troubleshooting tips and tricks throughout the book will make piping shapes and designs a breeze.

In addition to thorough step-by-step tutorials for creating beautiful blossoms and more, the book also includes:

  • Instructions for making edible flower pots for a complete eye-popping display
  • Pro tips for designing appealing compositions on cakes and cupcakes such as wreaths and bouquets
  • Faux tapestry techniques using simple piping techniques
  • Ways to create various icing textures and effects, such as stucco
Grab a piping bag and make your cake dreams a reality with Buttercream Botanicals.



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