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Doing It All

Stop Over-Functioning and Become the Mom and Person You're Meant to Be

Whitney Casares

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Discover how to stop doing it all and start doing what matters with this step-by-step guide to beating burnout and thriving as a working mom.
In Doing It All, Dr. Whitney Casares, author, pediatrician, and mother of two, shares the step-by-step plan she developed as a modern working mom to help her stop over-functioning at work and home, stop blaming herself for everything that went wrong, and start living a balanced and intentional life. Today’s working moms are burned-out, overwhelmed, and just plain stuck. Caught amid the endless, conflicting demands of motherhood, work, household management, and a million-and-one everyday tasks, chores, and responsibilities, they truly are doing it all—but getting nowhere. They think they're out of options—but they're wrong.
Dr. Whitney tried to do it all for years, until one particularly bad week brought her to knees, and then, to a revelation: It wasn't her that was broken, it was her system. She needed a new system, a plan of action that would look squarely at all the common problems of working mom life—over-scheduling, inequitable partnerships, lack of boundaries, lack of support—, recognize the social and cultural causes behind them, and give her the tools and structure she needed to tackle the chaos, find her work-life balance, and start living a life that worked for her. In Doing It All, she shares that system with you, a system that will help  you prioritize what really matters and where everything—even laundry—has its place. Work calls? Yep. Time with your kids? Absolutely. Time for yourself? A top priority.

Doing It All features Dr. Whitney's complete step-by-step plan to achieving your Centered Lifethat is, a life centered on you, as well as over forty targeted exercises, prompts, and activities to help you:

  • Create a vision of your life that aligns with your values and goals and then break that vision into actionable priorities so you can start making it a reality.
  • Implement systems to deal with the annoying-but-necessary “have-tos” in your life quickly and efficiently.
  • Develop equity in your relationship with your parenting partner.
  • Create and maintain boundaries around emotionally laden calls on your attention.
  • Give your kids what they need to be healthy, happy, and successful—without giving away too much of yourself.
  • Prioritize your own mental health and emotional well-being with intentional scheduling and rest.
  • And more!

Featuring powerful personal stories from real working moms, as well as quotes and interview excerpts from parenting experts, medical professionals, and mental health advocates, Doing It All meets working moms where they are, recognizes the personal and systemic challenges they face, and offers solutions that really work. It’s time to stop merely “surviving” motherhood. Join Dr. Whitney and thousands of other working moms across the country and discover the tools, systems, and support you need to parent, work, and thrive in your daily life.

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