Sandra Markle

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Pay attention to these insects on the move—locusts! Usually, locusts live alone. When there is lots of food, the locust population grows. But when the weather turns dry and grasses die, the locusts are forced to live close together, and they go through amazing changes. Their colors become brighter, and their eyes become larger. They fly off in great swarms searching for food. Millions of locusts might land in a farmer’s field and have a feast. When nothing green is left, the swarm flies off again. After they finally run out of food, the locusts separate and change again. In this exciting book, you can learn what makes locusts similar to and different from other insects. Close-up photographs and diagrams reveal extraordinary details about locusts’ bodies, both inside and out. This book contains hands-on activities that help you understand how far locusts jump and how they make sounds. Learn more about this member of nature’s fascinating Insect World!

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