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Spiritual Integrity

On the Possibility of Steadfast Honesty in Faith and Worship

Martin S. Cohen

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In Spiritual Integrity, Martin S. Cohen argues that it is possible for a serious commitment to religion to coexist with a parallel commitment to the absolute integrity of the intellect. Written for people of all faiths by a working rabbi with decades of experience in the pulpit, Spiritual Integrity is its author’s attempt to use the evidence of his own faith to demonstrate that it is entirely possible to use the traditional trappings of religious commitment to live honestly in the world as a person of faith.


<p><span>Short indeed is the list of contemporary authors able through the force of their prose to awaken moderns to the worship of God with the graceful persuasiveness of Martin S. Cohen, whose writing flows both from his prodigious learning and from his unwavering commitment to intellectual integrity. But there is the medium to consider as well as the message: by resurrecting the classical prose style of Jewish antiquity</span><span>, </span><span>Cohen manages to offer his response to cynicism and post-modernism in language that will be resonant with moderns precisely because it is so evocatively traditional </span><span>and </span><span>so unequivocally honest.</span></p>
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