International Handbook of Play Therapy

Advances in Assessment, Theory, Research and Practice

Akiko Ohnogi (Hrsg.), Judy McCormick (Hrsg.), Charles Schaefer (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


In the past twenty-five years, the practice of play therapy has increased exponentially in America and throughout the world. This handbook brings together an international group of scholars and therapists to address a wide variety of topics relevant to the rapidly expanding field of play therapy. The primary goal of the handbook is to provide play therapists with practical information they can put into immediate use in their clinical work with children and adolescents. Thus the focus is on advances in assessment, theory, research, and practice that have universal appeal, rather than on adaptations of play therapy to specific cultures. Play therapists and students from diverse cultures, professional disciplines, and theoretical orientations will find this book to be a comprehensive resource for keeping abreast of innovations in the field.

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