Many Joys of Sex Toys

The Ultimate How-to Handbook for Couples and Singles

Anne Semans

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Ignite your sex life with 100 easy-to-learn sex toy techniques!Sex toys are coming out of the drawer to take their rightful place on bedside tables everywhere. This illustrated, definitive guide will show you how to choose, buy, and have a creative blast with your sex toys. Anne Semans, coauthor of the classic sex manual, The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, lays out the top toy techniques like recipes in a cookbook, step by step, complete with tips for spicy variations. And to whet your appetite for improvisation, she has included ten delicious erotic tales, each starring a sex toy. Learn how to:Add a vibrator to your favorite sex positionFind your G-spot or prostateHave multiple orgasmsAdd a buzz to oral sexGive a better hand jobLiven up solo sex Get comfortable with anal sexWhether you’ve got a craving for adventure or you simply want greater sexual satisfaction, you’ll return to The Many Joys of Sex Toys again and again.

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