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Bone Crusher

Linda Rosencrance

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Lure Them Home

When the urge took hold, serial killer Larry Bright brought women back to his home. After raping and murdering his victims, he brutally disposed of their bodies. Sometimes he built a white-hot fire and burned them in his backyard. Other times he dumped them along nearby roads and fields.

Rape And Murder Them

For years, Bright had trolled the roads and back streets of Illinois for the most helpless, desperate women he could find. Then one woman escaped, and suddenly police were looking for bodies everywhere--trying to find out how many women Bright had really killed and what he had done with their remains.

Burn Their Bodies In The Backyard

Step by step, an all-out investigation would shock hardened detectives. From interviews with women who survived their encounters with him to the forensic search for bone fragments and pieces of burned, buried flesh, the case against Larry Bright finally closed like a vise--on the man who turned his victims into ashes.

With 16 pages of shocking photos!

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