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Blood Ambush

Sheila Johnson

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Caught In A Trap

For Darlene Roberts, a quiet drive home from work turned out to be the end of the road when a stranded motorist flagged her down. As soon as she stopped, Darlene was forcibly dragged from her car and viciously thrown to the ground, bound with cords and tightly gagged. A second attacker stepped into the scene, a woman in a hood and a mask. . ..

Hunted Like An Animal

In the ensuing struggle, the woman's mask slipped off, revealing the face of Darlene's husband's ex-wife, Barbara Ann Roberts. Darlene broke away, running for her life. The couple pursued her across a field until they found her hiding in the grass. A shotgun was aimed--and fired--point blank. Later, Darlene was discovered floating in a pond. . .

Dead In The Water

Who fired the fatal shot? The bitter ex-wife? Or her lover and accomplice, millionaire neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Schiess III? Only one of them would be convicted of murder in this disturbingly twisted tale of lovers, cheaters, and killers in a small Alabama town. . .

With 16 Pages of Revealing Photos

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