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Rivers of Blood

Robert Scott

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It Took One Week To Kill Her. . .

Restaurant manager Lisa Kimmell had been driving for hours to visit her family in Montana. She never arrived. Eight days later, her body was found floating in the North Platte River.

. . .And Fifteen Years To Catch Him.

The police knew Lisa had been tortured and raped for a week before she was finally murdered. But they had no suspects, no witnesses, no clues. Just a strange handwritten letter left on her gravestone. . .

But The Pain Would Last Forever. . .

Lisa's murder was never solved--and her car never found--until new DNA technology led police to Dale Wayne Eaton. Fifteen years had passed since Eaton kidnapped his unlucky victim at a Wyoming rest stop. But now police had forensic evidence, handwriting samples, and most incredibly: Lisa's car buried in the killer's yard. Eaton's capture shed horrifying new light on a series of unsolved disappearances. Were they the work of a serial killer? Dale Wayne Eaton's trial revealed a twisted loner driven by dark appetites--a monster without remorse.

With 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos



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