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Bullets Don't Die

J.A. Johnstone

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The wandering gunfighter joins an ageing lawman to fight the battle of both their lives in the USA Today bestselling author’s Western series finale.
Though he is known as the Loner, Conrad Browning knows what it's like to a have a family and a home. And he knows the pain that comes with losing it all. So when he meets a man living on the edge of sanity, the Loner is determined to help—even if it winds up costing his life.
Jared Tate is an aging U.S. marshal who has saved lives, made enemies, and planted a lot of bad men in hallowed ground. But Tate is in deep trouble, the kind that comes from a troubled mind. Not remembering as much as he’d like, nor forgetting as much as he should, Tate has one person to trust. In the lawless and violent Kansas territory, the Loner is the only one willing to take on Tate’s demons—and his enemies.

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