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Between The Hunters And The Hunted

Steven Wilson

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


From Steven Wilson, whose gripping debut, Voyage of the Gray Wolves, was hailed as "a taut, suspenseful, engaging, and frightening saltwater thriller"* comes a story of the world at war, of two countries bound together by hope--and the common foe that could destroy that hope in one devastating strike. . .

In the early days of World War II, Great Britain is fighting for its life. With the Nazi Luftwaffe and U-boat wolfpacks bearing down, they've never needed America more. In secret, Winston Churchill travels by sea to Newfoundland to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When the Nazis learn of the meeting, they deploy their greatest weapon--the Sea Lion, a juggernaut even more dangerous than the sunken Bismark. Its sole mission--track and destroy Churchill's convoy. But in the prime minister's protective Naval cordon is the HMS Firedancer, commanded by Captain George Hardy. A veteran of too many hard-fought battles, Hardy struggles to balance duty and honor against the destruction he has wrought in the service of his country. But his most daunting task is still to come.

Now, in the merciless North Atlantic, the pride of the Nazi fleet will confront the defiant might of the Allies--with the fate of the war lying in the hands of the victor. . .

"A gripping, superbly told story of war at sea." --Peter Sasgen, author of War Plan Red



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