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Zane Grey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In a land of red cliffs and towering stone monuments, with the brooding Colorado River running through it, the unmatched Zane Gray sets his classic novel about a rancher, a blood feud, and a horse named. . .


Bostic, a powerful rancher with a strong-willed 18-year-old daughter, has lost track of Lucy's wanderings. Caught up in a feud with two families, running his empire with an iron fist, Bostic does not know that Lucy has met a man who chased a horse called Wildfire for weeks and months, hundreds of miles, across a canyon and a river. . . As soon as Lin Sloan, Lucy's strange rider, joins Bostic and his men, they are confronted by a brazen horse thief and an explosion of violence long coming. While Lucy has been chasing her freedom, and riding the wild horse that can only be ridden when he chooses, someone has been hunting her. Bostic and Sloan see the danger, but it's too late: Lucy's fate is in the hands of a brutal killer--and only killing can set her free.

"In a changing world it is comforting. . .and entertaining to spend a little while in the company of Zane Grey." -- New York Times

"Zane Grey epitomized the mythical West that should have been." -- True West

"Grey was a champion of the men and women who tamed the Old West."-- Booklist

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