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The Thief of All Light

Bernard Schaffer

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“Schaffer is the real deal. His writing will knock you out.”
—J.A. Konrath
Nothing fascinates rookie cop Carrie Santero more than serial killers. Now she’s hunting down the sickest, most twisted psychopath she’s ever faced—an “omnikiller.” Unpredictable, unrelenting. A death machine beyond all evil. 
As the body count rises, Carrie enlists the help of Jacob Rein, a brilliant, embittered former detective who has gone to the darkest corners of the killing mind. What he knows—what he can never unknow—could lead Carrie to the point of no return. The place she can no longer avoid. The place that has never stopped calling her . . . 
“A killer who sets a new standard for lethal danger.”—Lisa Scottoline
“A stylish, attention-getting thriller. . . the most engaging pair of detectives I’ve seen in a long while.” —David Morrell

“Gruesome and honest. Readers will find themselves fascinated.” —Booklist

“Schaffer’s knowledge of detective work is evident.” —Library Journal

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