The California Trail

Max McCoy

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From Max McCoy, the Spur Award-winning author of Damnation Road, comes a powerful new novel in the acclaimed Ghost Rifle series—the epic Western saga of a man who made a gun, and a gun that triggered vengeance. . . .


It is 1849. More than twenty years since Jack Picaro invented the legendary Ghost Rifle. Ever since, he has been a man on the run. Haunted by his past, plagued by his debts—and wanted for murder—Jack fled to the mountains, unaware that his name has been cleared of all charges. Now there is only one person hunting him down. The son he never knew he had. A son who vows to find him—and kill him—as revenge. . . .

Gus Picaro is only twenty-four, but has blazed a bold trail across the American West. From fighting in the Mexican War to prospecting for gold in California, he has sought his own fortune. From the Mosquito Range in Colorado to the open plains of Montana and Utah, he has searched for the father who abandoned him. Finally, arriving at a remote pony express station—with his finger on the trigger of his father’s Ghost Rifle—Gus will meet the famous Jack Picaro face to face. And together, the two men will meet their fates. For better or worse. Dead or alive. . .
Few Western writers today can spin a tale with the style, wit, rawness better than Max McCoy.”
—Johnny D. Boggs, Western Heritage and Spur Award-winning author of West Texas Kill

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