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A Novella

Nancy Friday

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


LULU is a fascinating heroine based on the equally fascinating life of her creator. Come take the journey with LULU as she grows from a precocious child in Charleston, S.C. into a co-ed at a college in the North. A journey that comes with all of the heartbreak of first love, motherly rivalry , brotherly caring and parental betrayal. With a literary voice in the grand tradition of the great southern writers, one of America’s best-selling non-fiction authors Nancy Friday, has in LULU, created a fascinating first work of fiction.

"A short novel of a young girl growing into adulthood, trying to understand her Charleston home and world, jealous of her mother’s greater caring for her older brother, puzzling over her missing father, realizing her early peer leadership is fading with her friends dating and her own seeming rejection by boys, then seeing her heroes collapse, and in the end understanding that one can only rely on oneself to find friendship, love and closeness, a life in the world. LULU is funny and sad, intriguing and ultimately insightful, a book for each of us, a helpful and even important read."
- NetGalley
"Loved this book! ...A great read about a young girl coming of age.
- Steve French, NetGalley

Praise for Nancy Friday's Previous Works-

“I closed the book and wept for half an hour“
- Christina Robb, The Boston Globe

”Illuminating and Moving… she writes with deep insight about the central mystery of mothers and daughters…”.
- Michael Korda

”Brilliant, courageous, moving!”
- The Washington Post