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With One Shot

Family Murder and a Search for Justice

Dorothy Marcic

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“A rapid-fire, real-life thriller.”
New York Times bestselling author M. William Phelps
The lovely widow had confessed to the coldblooded murder of her husband. But Dorothy Marcic suspected a more sinister tale at the heart of her beloved uncle’s violent death. 
The brutal murder of LaVerne Stordock, a respected family man and former police detective, shocked his Wisconsin community. On the surface, the case seemed closed with the confession of Stordock’s wife, Suzanne. But the trail of secrets and lies that began with his death did not end with his widow’s insanity plea.
Dorothy Marcic, a playwright, theatrical producer, and university professor, couldn’t put her doubts to rest. In 2014 she embarked on a two-year mission to uncover the truth.  In the bestselling tradition of Ann Rule and M. William Phelps,  With One Shot weaves a spellbinding tale of unmet justice and the truth behind a shocking family tragedy.
“A riveting, personal story of the American justice system.”
—Kaylie Jones, author of Lies My Mother Never Told Me 
“A gripping tale, well worth reading.”
—Lawrence M. Miller, author of The Lean Coach
“Marcic excavates new depths of perfidy, cruelty and lies.”
—Randy Cohen, former Ethicist for The New York Times

A compelling read about a true family murder mystery marked by intrigue, betrayal and injustice.”  
—Leslie J. Mann, assistant prosecutor, Essex County, New Jersey

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