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Ultimate Crochet Nursery

40 Designs for Blankets, Baskets, Decor & So Much More

Kristi Simpson

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Adorn the nursery with handmade crochet pieces for baby!

Your baby deserves the ultimate in crochet designer luxury. From soft and squishy blankets and rugs to colorful baskets, huggable lovies, stylish totes, wall hangings, mobiles, toys, and so much more, Ultimate Crochet Nursery delivers 40 patterns for diverse items for the baby and nursery. All patterns are suitable for a beginner to intermediate crocheter, and can be worked up quickly so you’ll be ready to go when baby arrives. Make the items in the bright pastels shown here, or change up the colors to your favorite hues. There’s so much to make, so get your hooks and yarn, and get going—baby’s on the way!


<p><span>Deck a little one’s bedroom out entirely in crochet with 40 patterns from the author of </span><span>Sweet &amp; Simple Baby Crochet</span><span>. Inside, you’ll find all you need to create a cosy space for a little one, including blankets, baskets, garlands, a mobile, a wipe cosy, a pouffe, a sleepsack, a changing mat, wall hangings and rugs. Plus, take a bit of crochet comfort with you with a car seat cover, nursing cover-up, toy or diaper bag.</span><a></a></p>



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