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Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals

Murray E. Fowler

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals, Third Edition offers an introduction to the basic principles of animal restraint and an overview of techniques for vertebrate wild and domestic animals. Fully updated throughout, the third edition also includes new chapters on understanding behavior, training for restraint and handling, and animal welfare and restraint. Now in full color, the third edition of this classic reference is an invaluable tool to recognizing potential danger in restraint and reducing stress in the animal.


- Journal of WildlifeDiseases, October 2008
"A significant contribution to wildlife diseaseinvestigations. No other book on animal restraint is sotaxonomically broad ... .No other book on restraint has so manypictures, tables, drawings and graphics of the equipment,techniques, mechanics, anatomy, physiology, and results andconsequences of restraint and handling as this one. It delves intosome subjects not covered elsewhere and is, on the whole, heavilyreferenced.... this book has good basic information on physicalrestraint tools, methods, and concerns on a breadth of species andsome good basic information on chemical restraint. These areimportant considerations for the student and for people withrelatively little experience in the field, and it could save yourlife or career ... .It is a classic everyone should have orread and one of the many legacy contributions Dr. Fowler has madeto zoo and wildlife medicine."
- Library Bookwatch, November 2008
"An in-depth resource of scientific and practicalinformation concerning the most effective ways to handle, hold, andrestrain all sorts of animals from dogs and cats to mice, chickens,cattle, snakes, and even exotic creatures like tigers or elephants.Featuring meticulous descriptions and crystal-clear photography onvirtually every page, Restraint and Handling of Wild andDomestic Animals is an utterly invaluable resource forveterinarians, farmers, zookeepers, and any scientist orresearcher who works with animals. Worthy of the absolutehighest recommendation for its depth of professional experience andits highly accessible instructional style ... .An absolutemust-have."
- Midwest BookReview, January 2009
"The third updated edition of Restraint and Handling ofWild and Domestic Animals is a 'must' for any college-levelcollection strong in veterinary sciences as well as for practicingvets. It offers an introduction to the basics of animal restraintand reviews techniques for both wild and domestic animals. This newedition provides the latest research and focuses on techniques andsafety for both handlers and animals."
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