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Small Animal Medical Diagnosis

T. Mark Neer (Hrsg.), Paul DeMars (Hrsg.), Michael D. Lorenz (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Small Animal Medical Diagnosis, Third Edition takes a problem-oriented approach to clinical diagnosis and outlines core information necessary to effectively evaluate the major medical problems in dogs and cats. The text starts by defining problems caused by disease and proceeds to integrate the history, physical examination, and diagnostic modalities into a logical approach designed to assist with the medical management of patients. The new edition continues to serve as a vital tool in accurate and appropriate diagnosis for small animal veterinarians, emergency and critical care veterinarians, and veterinary students.


(Journal of the AmericanVeterinary Medical Association, March 2010)
"This book fills a gap that exists between the quick referencetexts that have proliferated recently and more extensive medicalreference texts. It provides an approach to problems in manageableand meaningful chunks to create conceptual understanding, ratherthan providing an outline of facts and recommendations. The book isprobably most useful for veterinary students and new graduatesoverwhelmed by the amount of information in other texts but facinganimals with problems in their clinics. It would also be a handyoff-the-shelf reference for practitioners faced with rare problemsor hoping to avoid overlooking a key differential diagnosis.Students who work through the book in a thoughtful manner can beexpected to gain skills in problem identification and themechanistic diagnostic approach. Working through the clinicalvignettes also strikes me as an excellent way to prepare for thenational licensing examination, with more learning gained thananticipated from practicing multiple-choice questions. In summary,this book should be an excellent investment for veterinary studentsand small animal practitioners."
(VSPN, October 2010)
"The new edition includes the addition of case reports, and Ifelt it helps give the reader a clearer picture of the patient andthe development of the thought process as it progresses through thecase during the work-up. There have been updates to diagnostictests that are reflective of the changes and improvements that havebeen made in procedures as they are performed in the veterinaryfield.... The format is an excellent way to help teach how to thinkthrough a case and the logical steps to thoroughly work throughit."
(VeterinaryInformation Network, October 2010)
"Overall I feel it would be a good text for both veterinariansand veterinary technicians alike to help teach or reinforce manypoints to be considered when presented with a patient, includingclinical signs throughout the disease process."
(Veterinary Practice, April 2010)
"The pathophysiological background in each section iscertainly useful information and the clinical vignettes makesurprisingly pleasant reading-a bit like Aesop's Fablesfor vets."
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